Our Neighborhood

The MLK Center is the heartbeat of southern Butler-Tarkington and Crown Hill — west and southwest of our building.

We also serve neighbors in Mapleton-Fall Creek and Meridian Kessler. Since our founding nearly 50 years ago, we have focused on serving our neighborhood.

Our Impact

Today we fulfill our mission to create a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve through quality, multi-generational programs that build community, invest in youth, empower families, advocate for our neighbors, and provide a peaceful space to connect.


The MLK Center is getting bigger, and it's teaming up with Catch The Stars (CTS) to help kids in a big way. Here's how:

  1. Everyone in the community can now join programs that teach about health, wellness, and leadership.
  2. There's a great place for the community to come together.
  3. There are rooms for different activities in the community.
  4. The MLK Center and the neighborhood will make more money, and new jobs will be created.
  5. People in the neighborhood will feel even more proud of where they live.

Academics &
Youth Development

IPS School #43 serves over 80 kids in after-school programs daily, and this number goes up to 150 during summers, including the Best Buy Teen Technology Center.

In 2021, 456 hours of 1:1 tutoring were provided, and this increased to 743 hours in 2022. 70% of 4th graders are good at reading.

Currently, 10 students are waiting for tutoring. Over 1000 kids benefited from Catch the Stars programs in 2022, with 100 learning at the Holiday Basketball Camp, 500 setting nutrition and exercise goals, and 1000 getting backpacks with school supplies. More than $100,000 was given to students for their future education.

Youth Sports

The new CTS wing in mid-north Indianapolis will host basketball, volleyball, and pickleball tournaments, offer training for Collegiate and Professional players, and run mentorship programs for young athletes.

It's estimated to host 20-30 team tournaments, bringing money to the local economy. The wing will also become a home for Indianapolis Rec Sports programs, giving local youth opportunities to learn, play, and enjoy together in a safe environment. With access to top athletes, quality courts, and great amenities, it aims to shape the next generation of young athletes.



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Community Building

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