Family Programs

How do we create a culture of prosperity?

It starts with stability. When we’re one accident away from not being able to pay the bills and working jobs just to survive, we can’t be focused on the future. We can’t make thoughtful decisions in survival mode.

We’re here to help our entire beloved community, which is why we offer multi-generational programs to support, enrich, and empower our neighbors in all stages of life. All led by our Wellness Coaches and Counselors. All free of charge.

Wellness Coaching

We believe in a “holistic approach” to wellness. Meaning we’re here to support the whole and total person—helping you thrive in all aspects of life: at work, at home, and within. We’ll even get you a ride where you need to go.

  • Financial Coaching: credit building, budgeting, soft skills
  • Employment Coaching, Education, and Job Placement
  • Life Coaching: goal setting, outcomes assistance, and counseling


Being a parent isn’t easy. And doing it alone is nearly impossible. The Parent Support Group is a place to make connections with fellow parents in the neighborhood, discover shared experiences, and expand your support system.

  • Support group meets every Wednesday at 10:30am and 5:40pm, beginning October 11
  • Located at the MLK Center (in the first floor conference room)
  • Free childcare provided


We all grieve differently. But healing is our shared goal. If you are experiencing a loss and are looking for a place where you can talk without worrying about being judged, we’re here. Our aim is to help you find strength and peace as you come to terms with life transitions. We offer:

  • One-on-one sessions with trained grief specialists
  • Support groups so that you can practice compassion with others going through similar circumstances
  • Last Saturday of the month at 10am, beginning October 28
  • At the Beloved Community Outreach Center (next to Dollar General)

While we can’t bring back a loved one, we can be there for each other.