Capital Campaign

How does building a gym bring about positive social change?

Residents in our surrounding neighborhoods have long struggled to find reliable facilities to support community-building activities. One of the most glaring areas of need has been an athletics facility. As a center dedicated to the growth of the whole person, we recognize the dynamic potential of athletic competition. In it, there are lessons for team building, leadership development, personal wellness, and improving self-esteem.


But a gym isn’t just a place to sweat; it’s also a place, like the rest of our campus, where we can tend to the heartbeat of our neighborhood. Our proposed gym project will allow us to host leagues, support physical fitness, and cultivate community spirit. It is also going to expand our after school programming by enabling us to admit more students and offer a greater variety of activities.

The gym is just one project that the Capital Fund has supported. It is the primary way in which donors can help address our critical operational needs. Since 2015, we have spent more than $120,000 on general maintenance and repair. Some of these funds went to updating our aging HVAC system, purchasing new LED lighting, and installing energy-smart windows. All donations to the capital fund are foundational to the work we aim to do. They make it possible for us to have a welcoming place to gather. But just as important, the security of having these funds affords us the necessary time and clarity of mind to fully dedicate our attention to serving our community.

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