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How do you break the cycle of structural violence?

In 2016, the families of two slain community members came to the MLK Center looking for a place to mourn and start the collective healing process. In offering a gathering space, we listened as relatives spoke about what it would take to achieve lasting change in their lives and in the neighborhood. They told us in direct terms that progress doesn’t come by treating people as a statistic. Our approach begins with a commitment to heeding their call—to recognize you as the unique individual you are.

Seeing you as an individual means appreciating the various factors that contribute to your unique perspective. That’s why we’ve developed a whole-person approach to physical and mental health. We combine practical training in life skills with opportunities to reflect on your experiences and relationships. After an initial consultation, you can work with one of our trained life coaches to set both small and big-picture goals for personal growth. And we’re going to be here with you all along the way, helping you meet the very goals you set. Together, we’ll focus not only on the immediate issues directly affecting your daily life, but also the invisible, internal struggles that keep you from thriving.

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Mental Health Counseling

Everyone needs help. It takes strength to ask for it. If you are struggling with motivation, relationship issues, or emotional distress, our licensed healthcare professionals are here to listen and offer support.

We work with you to develop strategies for identifying the root causes that underlie recurring problems. You’ll come away with personalized strategies for effecting lasting change in your life. Sessions are available for individuals, couples, and families.

And, of course, all of our appointments are private. No one will share the details of your conversation without your consent. You’re in control of your information.

Thanks to grant funding and donations, your appointments will be completely free. No proof of insurance necessary.
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